The Czech Ministry of Culture has traditionally been a co-organiser of the Days of European Film festival. We consider it most important that the Czech public get a chance to see films that would not be released through normal distribution for various reasons, but that show important current developments in European cinematography.

European cinematography has produced several films that have crossed geographical and language borders and scored success in European cinemas in the past few years. This is because European countries have several significant topics in common, such as the world wars, the Holocaust atrocities, the shadows of the recent past and the questions of guilt and forgiveness. All European countries pay a great deal of attention to their film-making. Since this field requires high financial resources, they support film creation, production and distribution. This is why I believe that we can still expect a number of remarkable films and that this festival will continue to offer them in the years to come as well.

The Days of European Film festival has already for 17 years given Czech viewers an opportunity to see the most interesting films that have been produced in Europe over the years. In conclusion, I wish that for this year's festival there will be cinemas filled to capacity, and for their audience, films that will really intrigue.

Prof. Václav Riedlbauch
Minister of Culture



Dear film lovers,

Films – probably more than other artistic means – help us to get closer to other peoples live, share their fears, hopes, experiences and joys.

This year the festival hosts a special selection of European films that will also stimulate our understanding of those aspects of human experience we are inclined to blend out as much as possible in day-today live: the aspects of poverty and social exclusion.

The European Year of Combat against Poverty and Social Exclusion reminds us of the growing level in Europe of people falling in poverty and of possible measures to improve social welfare.

The European Commission Representation in the Czech Republic is glad to be able to support the festival and would like to thank the organisers for offering it as a platform for the concerns of people who have to live with poverty and social exclusion, and to inspire every one of us to engage with these important issues, beyond stereotypes and prejudices of poverty.

JUDr. Irena Moozová
Head of the Representation of the European
Commission to the Czech Republic



Dear friends of film art,

the Days of European Film is an exceptional phenomenon abounding in incontestable qualities, bearing many signs of originality compared to other international film festivals. Pessimists once predicted that European cinematography would suffer a crushing defeat and sink in competition with overseas film studios, mainly in Hollywood. However, these dark visions have fortunately not come true. Europe has very strong roots in film production that cannot be eradicated and that make a solid base for European film development, even in the 21st century.

Thousand-year-old traditions and the existence of great cultures on our continent, such as the ancient civilisations of Greece and Rome, the Celtic culture, the fundamentals of Slavonic unity, Renaissance imagination as well as the grandeur of the Baroque – all have undoubtedly been reflected in the European film. You will find there a mirror of human solidarity and reciprocity, efforts not to live for one's own sake only, but to perceive other people's feelings as well. This is why I am pleased that Prague can offer a versatile festival of the best cinema created by European cameras and scripts in European studios, within the Days of European Film. I am convinced that all viewers will find topics, authors and artists that appeal to them and that absolutely no-one will leave the cinema with a hint of disappointment.

I wish you all the most beautiful film and artistic experiences possible.

MUDr. Pavel Bém
primátor hlavního města Prahy


Onderka Dear fans of the silver screen,

I am really pleased that I can once again welcome you to the festival that will carry us to the Europe of film. During its 17-year existence, the Days of European Film has become a renowned festival, enriching the spring offering of cultural events in our town. It is appealing to see that more and
more film fans are heading for dark cinemas in Brno year after year to allow themselves to be fascinated by the phenomenon called European film. Film generally ranks high among the media of communication with its wide scope and influence, giving the creators and viewers an opportunity to convey and share feelings, stances and opinions. A good European film should reflect the values shared by all nations on the European continent, but at the same time express the plurality and variety of life in Europe. I do not doubt that the Days of European Film will bring us precisely such films, since the festival has been traditionally trying to present the very best that has been created by European filmmakers.
We must remember and appreciate that the festival organisers have also associated themselves with the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion 2010 and that they have devoted a special section of feature and documentary films to this issue.

European cinematography has achieved a worldwide dimension in the past few years. It is no longer just an exhausting competition with Hollywood productions, but also an effort to cooperate with America and influence one another. Moreover, the European Union supports projects aimed at the distribution of European films in Third World countries and vice versa. Let the Days of European Film 2010 be beneficial in this respect as well.

Bc. Roman Onderka, MBA
Mayor of the Statutory Town of Brno


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